About us

S&A S.A is being one of the most renowned companies in the jewellery business.

Our company organization includes a design office which maintains permanent supervision over technology and patterns. Our resources contain more than 7 000 patterns,  whose main supplier is SILVER&AMBER production company.

S&A S.A. is working with renowned designers. We launch new collections twice a year, and we provide special collections for business partners (Swarovski).


We take part in the most important jewellery fair events and develop unique collections for special occasions and fashion shows.

We have won several prestigious awards and distinctions.


We operate well-developed distribution channels:

  • the domestic sales is supported by a network of sales representatives and brand stores
  • the export sales goes through a network of carefully selected wholesale business partners (2, 3 representatives almost in every country in the world and a network of franchise stores)